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Boudoir Photography Boise is a boudoir photography studio that can help you capture those intimate and special moments in your life.

If you are interested in doing a photoshoot by yourself or with a significant other, contact us today to book a photoshoot with a boudoir photographer near you!

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“I have never done anything like this before. It was totally new to me, and I was super nervous! I didn’t know what to wear or how to pose, but my photographer was so nice and kind. She helped direct me to certain poses and the whole time kept telling me how amazing I looked!”

Haley W.

“I wanted to do something for my husband since our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up, so I thought this might be fun. I was a little nervous, since this sort of thing is a little out of my comfort zone, but the pictures turned out amazing, and he absolutely loved them! It was the perfect romantic surprise!”

Kelly p.

“My boyfriend and I did a couples shoot. Somehow, I talked him into it. He was really nervous and hesitant at first, but our photographer was great! She had all kinds of ideas to help us feel more comfortable. Our photos looked so great and so natural. I was so happy we did it!”

Jennifer D.

Boudoir Photography Boise

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